Confidence in Democracy Initiative

Confidence and trust in the integrity of American elections are at all-time lows. The Confidence in Democracy initiative supports public awareness on rules governing elections in each state and advocates for common-sense reforms to improve how elections are conducted.

Priority Projects

Independent Audit of Voter Registrations

The starting point for restoring election integrity must begin with ensuring that every local government jurisdiction maintain accurate voter registrations. The Transparency Foundation supports independent audits of voter rolls for each county with an emphasis on detecting common problems that produce ineligible voter registrations and making recommendations for improving internal controls to prevent problems in the future.

Training on Election Monitoring

Citizens and stakeholder groups have a right to monitor the elections process – but require training to understand their rights and what to look for. Accusations and problems tend to get the most attention in the media, but many good experiences are found by election monitors and those stories must be heard as well.

Litigation to Improve Compliance with Election Laws

Where a jurisdiction is found to be in non-compliance with federal, state, or local election laws and regulations, The Transparency Foundation will first attempt to work productively with officials to correct the problems. However, if necessary, The Transparency Foundation will support litigation to force remediation and compliance.

Secure Your Vote

Too many voters are afraid that their ballot could get lost or discarded. The Transparency Foundation will sponsor public outreach to educate voters on how to safely and securely cast their ballot – while tracking whether their ballot was actually counted.  By voting early, a voter can monitor their ballot for several weeks to ensure it is counted before the election. If the voter has a problem, the Transparency Foundation will help provide guidance on how the voter can request a provisional replacement ballot to ensure they get to vote in the election.

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