Conflict Watch

ConflictWatch advocates for strong disclosure rules to combat self-dealing and conflicts of interest in public institutions. From campaign finance to personal finance, the public has a right to know how leaders of a public institution may personally benefit from decisions being made.

Priority Projects

Conflict Watch Case Reviews

When alerted to a potential conflict of interest or ethics problem, ConflictWatch will conduct an independent investigation to evaluate whether a bona fide issue exists and will attempt to offer solutions for addressing the issue in a positive and non-confrontational manner. ConflictWatch accepts queries from the media and members of the public – but also accepts queries from government officials who seek to be proactive on any question of ethics or conflict. Once we make a conclusion on a matter, we always make our determinations public.

Government Contractor Accountability Project

The Transparency Foundation supports increased disclosure rules for government contracts. Specifically, we support the disclosure of any campaign contributions made by a contractor to any individual with a material role in the approval of a contract.

Government Union Accountability Project

Having government labor unions actively involved in financing campaigns for politicians creates an inherent conflict of interest in any negotiations over salaries and benefits for government workers. The Transparency Foundation seeks to eliminate these conflicts of interest through common-sense reforms. We also support the rights created under the landmark Janus decision to allow individual government employees to opt-out of supporting labor unions that engage in any political activity.