Government Performance Initiative

“What results do we get for our tax dollars?” Answering that question with confidence is the mission of the Government Performance Initiative. By sponsoring investigative research and independent program evaluations of programs at the federal, state and local levels of government, we seek to help government transform how it operates to improve results to the American people.

Priority Projects

Watchdog Reports

The Government Performance Initiative sponsors investigatory research projects on a range of issues related to government performance, including: how government manages its finances; what tangible outcomes are produced from a government program; what is the true cost of a program; how does a program compare to benchmarks; and how can a program improve its performance.

Performance Management Programs

We support the development of policies to institute best practice performance management programs at all levels of government, including performance measures, data analytics, benchmarks, employee evaluations and rewards, performance audits, performance-based budgeting, and more.

Follow The Money Investigations

The Transparency Foundation is concerned about the use of taxpayer funds to advance partisan political agendas. Our Follow the Money investigations will document and reveal how taxpayer monies are channeled to a variety of Left-wing organizations that engage in political activity. Our findings will be released to the public and any findings of potential violations of the law will be referred to the appropriate government agency of jurisdiction.