Secure the Vote Initiative

The Secure the Vote Initiative is dedicated to identifying and training voters to vote quickly and legally. The effort also aims to track and report problem ballots in our push for election integrity and security.

How to Vote the S.A.F.E. Way

Many voters are rightfully worried about the integrity of the election. The first step in securing the vote... is to vote! Here's how to do so quickly and legally, and how you can track your ballot to make sure it's counted. Just follow the S.A.F.E. method below!

SEND: Mail in your ballot on Day 1 of the election! Do NOT wait until the day of the election, as the state has cut back on polling places and long lines will suppress the vote! Voting on Day 1 gives you the full 30 days of the election to verify your vote is counted or resolve any problems.

AUDIT: Track and verify your vote was 1) received and 2) counted online at Check often until your vote is counted and verified!

FIX: If you have a problem OR your ballot isn’t counted by Day 20 of the election, go to the nearest polling location and demand a second "provisional" ballot, then vote in-person. DON'T wait until Election Day!

EXAMINE: Share this information with your friends and family! Then sign up as a volunteer below to examine and monitor the processing and counting of ballots.

Report Problems

Have you come across a problem on your ballot or witnessed suspicious election activity? Let us know, and a member of our team will review your case. We're dedicated to making sure every ballot is legal! You can file a report below or at — share the website with your friends!


Volunteer to Poll Watch

Are you interested in helping to ensure election integrity? There are two ways you can help!

First, you can work for your local elections office. There are paid positions for assisting in the elections process with your local Registrar of Voters. For more information, you can visit:

The second way to help is to be a nonpartisan election monitor. Help us audit the voting process and make sure it's done right! Sign up below for information. These unpaid volunteer positions exist to aid in the fight for election integrity and do not work for any county governments.


Poll Watcher Training

Are you interested in being a poll watcher/ election monitor? We invite you to watch our training session to learn more about our S.A.F.E. voting method and how to be an effective election integrity poll watcher.

You can also download our template for taking notes on what you witness while monitoring the count.


Help Desk

Have questions or concerns? We're ready to help.

Contact us at [email protected] or call (619) 210-0543

Support S.A.F.E. Voting Effort

Our Secure the Vote campaign is crucial to maintaining transparency and the integrity of our elections, but our ability to sponsor this effort is entirely dependent on financial support from contributors like you. If you are interested in supporting election integrity, please contribute today!