Emerging Leaders Initiative

The Emerging Leaders Initiative is targeting high school and college campuses to identify, train, and empower the next generation of conservative leaders.

Emerging Leaders Program

California Emerging Leaders is a free program that networks moderate and conservative leaning high school and college students who are interested in learning more about (and getting actively involved in) public service and politics.  

The program includes free training workshops on a range of topics, valuable internships, and fun social events where students can meet other like-minded students.  

After an initial training course on leadership, project management, communications and issue-advocacy, students will be included in our network and will be invited to a number of free programs such as:

Social Networking Events

Through a series of mixers, meet-ups, pizza parties, beach days, and BBQs, the Emerging Leaders Initiative brings together young leaders from a number of schools in a region for fun networking opportunities. You can also attend informative events on a wide-range of current political topics with community leaders and elected officials.

Internships and Paid Jobs 

California Emerging Leaders offers a wide-range of internship opportunities and paid jobs to learn while working in a public policy organization or campaign in your area. You can also receive a letter of recommendation and put your resume into our job placement bank to be considered for future opportunities.  

Club Support and Speaking Events

Most schools are openly hostile to conservative groups holding events or inviting speakers on campus. The Emerging Leaders Initiative will defend the rights of students to form clubs and host events. We help students organize on campus by providing financial support for student groups and events featuring common-sense speakers on a wide-range of topics.  

Training and Workshops

California Emerging Leaders hosts a number of free workshops and training programs to learn how to become a political operative, social media influencer, or activist in your area or on your campus. You will also receive a certificate of completion from the Transparency Foundation.

Sign Up for Training

This program is free, but you do have to apply and be accepted into the program. To do this, please sign up with this link:  

Are you a parent or community member?

The Emerging Leaders Initiative is a free program to high school and college students – but our ability to sponsor these students is entirely dependent on financial support from contributors like you. If you are interested in supporting one or more students, please contribute today!