Transparency Foundation Launches Emerging Leaders Initiative

Johnathan Hale Emerging Leaders Initiative

The Transparency Foundation is launching its Emerging Leaders Initiative to target high school and college campuses to identify, train, and empower the next generation of community leaders.  Inaugural programs will start in San Diego County, California – and if successful will expand to other regions from there.

“High school and college campuses can be pretty divisive environments these days for our youth with only one side of political viewpoints presented,” noted Carl DeMaio, Chairman of the Transparency Foundation. “Through the Emerging Leaders Initiative we want to make sure that potential young leaders have a program that can educate, inspire, and mentor them,” said DeMaio.

The program includes an intense 12-week training and mentorship program for students. After students attend an initial training course on leadership, project management, communications, and issue-advocacy, they are matched with an organization for an internship. Concurrent with their internships, students will meet weekly with a mentor to plan and execute an issue advocacy project in their community.

Students that graduate from the Emerging Leaders Academy receive a certificate of completion, a recommendation letter from their internship, and are eligible for priority placement through our job placement center.

The Emerging Leaders Initiative will also defend the rights of students to form clubs and host events on campus to hear from a wide range of political viewpoints. We help students organize on campus by providing financial support for student groups and events featuring common-sense speakers on a wide-range of topics. To suggest a worthy candidate for the Emerging Leaders Initiative, click here >>.