Transparency Foundation Asks the Public for Help in Reviewing Election Integrity

Johnathan Hale Confidence in Democracy Initiative

The Transparency Foundation continues its efforts to review the performance and integrity of how California conducts its elections. 

Within the next two weeks, California election officials will certify the results of the recent recall election – and once that happens the Foundation is encouraging members of the public to take the following steps: 

First, please make sure that you go to the Secretary of State’s website to TRACK YOUR VOTE to make sure that your vote was both received and counted in this election. 

Second, the Transparency Foundation has been building a list of complaints from voters who received an erroneous ballot during the election for someone ineligible to vote, were told someone had already voted their ballot, or had their vote rejected for whatever reason. If you had any of these problems please let us know so we can add your name to our list to investigate.