Save California Plan

We Need a New Approach – and Your Help

To Save California!

We want you to know about the launch of the Save California Plan - a comprehensive strategy that a number conservative groups and leaders have agreed to participate in this cycle. This effort takes a page out of the Left’s playbook by working through 501c3 organizations to execute four projects that we believe will profoundly rebalance our state’s insane politics and policies.

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The 4-Point Plan to Save California:

  1. INVESTIGATIONS: Expose the Failures & Corruption of CA Politicians
    • Train, deploy, and support local watchdogs to do the job the liberal media in California refuses to do
    • Publish watchdog series exposing the far-Left’s failure in a wide-range of important issues including: Crime, Homelessness, Schools, Utility Rates, Housing, and Taxes
    • Examine the financial and campaign disclosures of state and local politicians to flag conflicts of interest and end pay-to-play politics
    • Audit state and local contracts and grants to stop far-Left political groups from receiving taxpayer funds
  2. COMMUNICATIONS: Bypass the Liberal Media to Reach the Public
    • Support the creation of digital platforms and use of social media influencers to distribute reliable and truthful news to the public
    • Train conservatives in becoming better at messaging and using alternative media Identify, train and support a new generation of principled and aggressive local and state leaders
  3. NEW LEADERSHIP: Identify, Train & Mentor the Next Generation Leaders
    • Recruit high school and college students to power campaigns and causes – while rebuilding the conservative activist network in each region of the state
  4. ELECTION INTEGRITY: Demand Reforms to How Elections are Conducted
    • Monitor and investigate problems with election integrity in California – and conduct a post-election audit of compliance with federal and state election laws
    • Recruit, train and deploy trusted election workers in each county election office to ensure ballots are properly processed and signatures verified

CONTRIBUTE: Help Enact the Save California Plan

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