The Center for Public Finance Transparency protects taxpayers by exposing the real financial condition of government agencies and identifying risky financial and regulatory practices that can have adverse impacts on the public.

Priority Projects

Government Pension Funds

The Center for Public Finance Transparency is highlighting the true financial condition of state and local government pension funds as generous benefits are promised to government employees and irresponsible investment policies are pursued by governments and fund administrators.


Market Manipulation and Failure of Regulatory Oversight

As the housing financial crisis demonstrated, government policies can create perverse incentives in financial markets leading to disastrous outcomes for taxpayers and even investors. The Center for Public Finance Transparency will highlight the potential financial risks stemming from misguided government policies or failure of appropriate regulatory oversight.

Government Bonds

Through the municipal bond market, governments are increasingly touting virtue-signaling commitments on the environment and social justice in a way that diverts attention from financial performance – all while receiving the benefits of tax-exempt debt issuance. The Center for Public Finance Transparency will shine a light on the true level of risks and the policies being advanced with taxpayer-funded debt.