Transparency Foundation’s Novel Plan to Inject Integrity into CA Election Offices

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California’s elections have the highest risk of fraud – but a new effort being led by the Transparency Foundation aims to inject more integrity in the process. 

Are you worried about the integrity of elections in California? Concerned that ballots are not being processed correctly? You’re not alone – but there’s something you can do about it. 

The Transparency Foundation is inviting you to be part of an ambitious plan that he says is aimed at “injecting some integrity into every county election office in California.” 

The Transparency Foundation launched an effort to recruit “principled individuals with the highest integrity” to take thousands of part-time jobs being offered by county election offices across California.  

You may not know this, but in the weeks leading up to the election, each county Registrar of Voters office needs to recruit hundreds of temporary workers to process ballots, review signatures, and manage the election at each polling center.

Carl DeMaio, chairman of the Transparency Foundation, says he’s concerned that Left-wing political groups across California have recruited their partisan activists to take all these part-time jobs. 

We have long been concerned that political operatives are sending their partisan supporters into these offices to fill these temporary jobs and thereby contaminate the ballot processing,” DeMaio says.

“As part of our Secure the Vote California Initiative 2022 we’re recruiting honest and trustworthy individuals like you to apply for these jobs and be the eyes and ears inside the county election office to make sure the ballot counting process is done right,” DeMaio says.

DeMaio says that in the 2022 CA Primary Election, the Transparency Foundation’s program worked on training volunteer poll watchers, but that for the 2022 General Election they’re expanding to focus on recruiting actual county staff for the General Election. Rather than just watching the process as volunteers, staff members have a direct hand in counting ballots.

Anyone interested in applying to work inside their local county election office can sign up with the “Secure the Vote Initiative” at the Transparency Foundation – and the foundation staff will advise you on the process for landing the job.

SIGN UP: Apply for a part-time seasonal job in your election office

DeMaio says he is hopeful that by placing staff with integrity inside each county election office a lot of the problems with election integrity can at least be documented and at best be solved.

“Hands down, until we get Voter ID in California, our best strategy to combat voter fraud is to infiltrate every election office with trustworthy seasonal staff,” DeMaio says.

The Transparency Foundation, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization dedicated to shining a light on government corruption, is relaunching their “Secure the Vote” Initiative for the November 8th General Election in California. The effort was initially launched earlier this year for the Primary Election as part of their “Confidence in Democracy” campaign, which supports public awareness on rules governing elections in each state and advocates for common-sense reforms to improve how elections are conducted.

Even if you are not able to take one of the jobs, DeMaio says you can still help with the fight to restore election integrity in California.

“Our Secure the Vote initiative is crucial to maintaining transparency and the integrity of our elections,” said DeMaio. “Our ability to sponsor this effort is entirely dependent on your support, so please join the campaign today!”

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