Transparency Foundation Calls for Improved Oversight of Covid-19 Data

Johnathan Hale Government Performance Initiative, Open Government Institute

The Transparency Foundation is highlighting findings and recommendations being made today by the Government Accountability Office relating to the need for improved oversight of Covid-19 data as well as a need to evaluate the integrity and performance of a wide-range of associated Covid-19 relief programs funded by taxpayers.

Among the highlights in today’s GAO Report: federal, state and local governments are not properly reporting and disclosing Covid-19 data; significant fraud risks exist in the Covid-19 assistance programs such as Small Business PPP loans and unemployment benefits; and concerns that schools may not use Covid-19 funds as intended. Read the entire report here:,-sustained-action-needed-improve-federal-covid-19-public-health-and-economic-relief-efforts

“In addition to implementing the recommendations from GAO aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of Covid-19 data being reported by federal, state and local agencies going forward, we are calling for an audit of Covid-19 datasets to determine if decisions were justified using inaccurate or skewed information,” said Carl DeMaio, Chairman of the Transparency Foundation.

“Auditing and evaluating Covid-19 data and taxpayer-funded assistance programs is not only about accountability for past decisions but it should lay the groundwork for improving how we confront challenges like Covid-19 going forward,” DeMaio noted.

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