WORKSHOP: How to Be an Insider During the 2024 Elections

Friday, August 9, 2024

12:00 pm

2:00 pm

ZOOM Online Briefing

Electionsare confusing! But there are key tools and knowledge you can use to empoweryourself to be knowledgeable and educate those around you on how electionsreally work on the national and local level.

That'swhy the Transparency Foundation is hosting this free webinar on how to be an"election insider."


Whatyou'll learn in this workshop:

  1. The state of the presidential race and likelihood and timing of whether candidates can be replaced as their Party nominees
  2. How the presidential election and the electoral college works
  3. The historical election trends for the different states that are important
  4. Which toss up races in the Senate and Congress will have the biggest impact on the country
  5. How to read a poll, where is the best place to look for polling, and which polls are the most accurate
  6. What are the best places are to get accurate, unbiased news and straight facts

Understandingour elections and electoral process isn’t easy, but this training program canhelp you succeed and get more involved in your civic responsibilities — andbecome an "election insider" to educate your friends and neighbors aswell!

Join us for this freewebinar — RSVP today!